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Hello Friend, I'm Aiko!



Special Needs






6 - 8 Months

Domestic Long Hair



Hi my name is Aiko but my friends call me Little Fluff. I may be small but I am mighty. I made my way from the scary streets of Selma to a wonderful home that happened to be rescuers. They showed kindness, love, affection, and safety, and I will tell you, that I will never go back to anything else. I have been told that I come on a little too hard to the humans that I love, but I can't help it. I enjoy comforting pets and quite frankly I can not get enough of them.  I mean I can't help I love people so immensely that I get extremely happy to see them. My favorite time of day to play is when the sun goes down, between you and me, that is the best time to get all the zoomies out and I highly suggest you give it a try. Sometimes I find my safe place in cat caves and under objects because it makes me feel secure, But as soon as the humans come around I am ready for the attention all over again. I am ready to find my forever home that is willing to provide me with all the attention, cat trees, bird feeder lookouts, and safe places I demand. Will you be that human to save the day?

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