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However, there are many people out there who intend to do harm to animals so we encourage you to follow these steps when rehoming.

1st: Once the animal is released to you, you can take it to a low cost spay and neuter clinic, have the animal altered and have vaccinations done. I also encourage you to have a microchip implanted.   Visit our low cost spay neuter clinic locator to find a low cost clinic near you. This step is so important because too many animals are dying because so many are not spayed or neutered or chipped. 


2nd: Once the 1st step is complete post the animal on rehoming groups on social media.  Ensure to ask for a rehoming fee of whatever you paid to have the animal neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. If it was less than $50 to have that done I would suggest at least asking for a $50 rehoming fee. This will discourage people who intend to do harm to animals from reaching out. 


3rd: Ask for references, vet and personal.


4th: Ask probing questions to try to make sure that animal is in fact going to a good home. One important question to ask is if they rent or own, that way you can make sure they are allowed to add an animal in their home. Below are questions we typically ask potential adopters that you can use when rehoming.

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