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Hello Friend, I'm Lime!



Special Needs






2 Years

Domestic Short Hair



I am Lime, a feline with a unique perspective to share.

In this world of humans and fellow felines, I embrace my independence. While I tolerate my fosters and occasional company, I am not fond of their pets. However, my fosters believe that with dedicated attention, enticing wet food, and countless treats, I may learn to accept their affection. Time will tell if I'm willing to compromise.

Ah, but the joy of feline companionship! It fills my heart with delight. I find solace in lounging with my fellow cats, relishing their grooming sessions. And playtime! Soft ball toys, especially those with sparkling pieces, captivate me. I gracefully bat them down the halls, emitting a unique honk-like meow that sets me apart.

Dear humans, please understand my needs. To find true happiness, I require a forever home with another furry friend or cat-loving individuals willing to embrace my presence. Together, we can create a world of shared moments and lasting friendship.

So, if you seek a feline companion who dances to their own purr, consider inviting me, Lime, into your life. Let us embark on an adventure of understanding and companionship. Our lives intertwined, forever connected by the thread of feline wonder.

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