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Hello Friend, I'm Mr. Moo!



Special Needs






4 Years

Domestic Short Hair

White and Black


Hello Mr. Moo here, I bet you would never guess why that's my name. I was part of a TNR effort in Smithfield. I decided I no longer wanted to be an outdoor kitty so I escaped out of my trap in my now fosters home.  I was just so sweet that they couldn't turn me away. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle with the humans. I've been told that I am a chatty individual but I don't think so. I am just trying to get the humans' attention for love and affection. They recently informed me that I have what's called FIV.  I was worried at first because I thought I would have to be secluded from other kitty friends, but I found out that is not necessarily true. FIV is an immune disorder and isn't easily transmitted between cats (only through deep bites and not via sharing food and other normal interaction). So as long as everyone is copasetic and vaccinated I can have feline friends. So will you take the chance on me? 

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