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Hello Friend, I'm Mr. Moo!



Special Needs






4 Years

Domestic Short Hair

White and Black


Greetings, human! I'm the legendary Mr. Moo, the kitty with a name so wacky you'll never guess why. Prepare yourself for a tale of adventure and mischief! I was once a part of a daring TNR mission in Smithfield, but destiny had other plans for me. Determined to leave the great outdoors behind, I pulled off a Houdini-style escape from my trap and ended up with my foster family. They were powerless against my undeniable sweetness, so they became my loyal servants. Mwahaha!

When I'm not busy plotting world domination, I love nothing more than snuggling with my human minions. Oh, did I mention I'm a master of meow-speak? Some might say I'm a bit of a chatterbox, but really, I'm just a furry attention seeker in need of constant love and affection. I mean, who wouldn't want to listen to my glorious vocal talents?

Now, here's the twist! I recently discovered that I have FIV. Dun, dun, dun! But don't fret, mere mortals, for FIV is a mere blip on my path to greatness. It's an immune disorder that doesn't spread easily among cats, only through deep bites—no ordinary interaction can stop me! As long as everyone's vaccinated and in harmony, I can even have fellow feline friends to join my fabulous entourage.

So, my dear human, are you brave enough to take a chance on me? Be warned, for I bring laughter, silliness, and unlimited entertainment to any home. Get ready for the most epic adventure of your life, with Mr. Moo leading the way! Are you up for the challenge? Let the fur-tastic fun begin!

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