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Hello Friend, I'm Mr. Moo!



Special Needs






4 Years

Domestic Short Hair

White and Black


Salutations, esteemed human! I am none other than the legendary Mr. Moo, the feline with a name so peculiar, you'll be scratching your head in wonder. Brace yourself for a tale brimming with adventure and mischief! Once a daring participant in a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) escapade in Smithfield, fate had a different destiny in mind for yours truly. Determined to bid farewell to the great outdoors, I executed a Houdini-worthy escape from my trap, finding refuge with my foster family. Resistance was futile against my irresistible charm, and thus, they willingly became my devoted servants. Mwahaha!

When I'm not concocting schemes for world domination, my heart swells with joy at the prospect of snuggling with my human subjects. Oh, did I mention my mastery of meow-speak? Some might label me a chatterbox, but truthfully, I am merely a fur-covered attention seeker, yearning for perpetual adoration and affection. After all, who could resist the dulcet tones of my melodious meows?

But here's the twist! It has recently come to my attention that I am a carrier of FIV. Dun, dun, dun! Fear not, mere mortals, for FIV poses but a minor obstacle on my path to greatness. Merely an immune disorder, it spreads solely through deep bites—no ordinary interaction can impede my ascension! With proper vaccination and harmonious cohabitation, I even welcome the addition of fellow feline companions to my illustrious entourage.

So, dear human, do you possess the courage to embark upon this grand adventure with me? Beware, for in my presence, laughter, whimsy, and boundless entertainment abound. Prepare yourself for the most epic escapade of your existence, with Mr. Moo leading the charge! Are you prepared to accept the challenge? Let the fur-tastic festivities commence! 

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