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Cats Can Be TNR'd, But Not Dogs.

We would highly suggest TNR as all rescues are overflowing with cats and kittens. 


The 1st step in the TNR process is registering the colony by visiting,,  However, we have over 5,000 cats on our registry and 3 people in the rescue, only 2 of which are active. We are doing the best we can to help as many people as possible. 


Currently we do not have any slots available. When we have slots we reach out to the colonies we are actively working in. If for some reason we can not get what we need out of those colonies we then start calling down the registry and the 1st people who answer are the 1st people who will get help, and moved into active status.


Because of this we highly suggest people start the process on their own to do that you will need, traps that sometimes you can rent from Safe Haven or you can purchase them at tractor supply or harbor freight. We suggest that if those traps have back doors to zip tie them shut so cats do not bust their way out. And once cats are trapped , zip tie traps are closed. We have put together a low cost spay neuter clinic locator where you can find affordable options. 


To understand the TNR process check out the video from the kitten lady who thoroughly explains how to TNR below.

Please understand that if you TNR these cats will need food water and shelter so they can live out the rest of natural lives. 

Check out this video by the Kitten Lady to learn how to TNR!

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